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How I healed my lifelong asthma using ReCode©

I have suffered from asthma since I was 3 weeks old. I have spent a lifetime – and a fortune! – trying to find a cure. From cortisone (made my voice squeaky) to acupuncture to Hulda Clark’s protocol (worked for a while but asthma came back – worse!) to reflexology, from Chinese medicine (had to boil up strange-smelling herbs that got my housemates ready to boot me out!) to kinesiology, diet changes and reiki. Everything allopathic, everything alternative that I could find (including trying to smoke marijuana – coughed my lungs out – then fell asleep!). Nothing worked. So I lived on pumps – 4, 5 and even up to 8 times a day.

I’d been practicing a form of energy psychology off and on for a number of years, when a friend invited me to do the training to become a practitioner. I happened to have the time, not only to do it but to complete the training, do my casework and qualify. I was also lucky enough to have the time to apply everything I was learning to various aspects of my own life – one of them being the asthma.

Energy psychology works on a cellular level to identify and heal the root cause of whatever we are aiming at. What pioneers in the field of cellular biology have found is that our cells contain coding that hold messages taken on from our memories. This means that our memories are contained not just in our subconscious mind, but in every cell in our body. Which explains organ transplant recipients’ taking on the habits, tastes and behaviors of their donors – sometimes with hilarious results. Imagine a health nut suddenly craving crisps and beer, favorite snacks of her donor!

So far, so good. Where it gets complicated is that our cells retain not only memories, but the beliefs taken on by the incidents in our lives. The more traumatic the incident, and the younger we were when we experienced them, the stronger the belief. All well and fine – unless the beliefs are inappropriate.

I’ll use my own discovery journey with asthma to show what I’m talking about. Important in energy psychology work is to find the root cause of these inappropriate beliefs that get lodged in us at a cellular level, and somehow change them. The brain and memories are pretty malleable things – fortunately for us! So IF we are able to find these inappropriate beliefs, we can change them (if we know how. That’s where the recoding methodology comes in). The theory is – change the beliefs, change the outcomes – so let’s see how this worked with my asthma.

I had a partner-in-crime, my wonderful friend Katie, who did the EFT practitioner course with me, and we swapped sessions to practice and to heal. We decided to tackle the asthma one day. 


Here are my notes from 2 of our sessions:

Started (doing the work) on my asthma. Belief that came up: ‘I am the runt of the litter’. (Wow did that ring true!) (Worked) on this. Asthma better – didn’t wake up in the middle of the night with shortness of breath! First time in forever!
Came up again (working) with Katie 2 days later. ‘I am the runt of the litter – so I shouldn’t even be alive.’ Like the mother dog would smother the runt – asthma is a smothered feeling. No space or physical place in this world as I shouldn’t be here.

Whoa! I immediately started to see how my entire LIFE has played out this belief. Here’s some examples: Despite dating well-off men, I married not 1 but 2 really poor guys (yes at different times!) who themselves didn’t have homes of their own – as this would be a ‘place’ for me. I never managed to keep my possessions or money, as I feel no attachment to things or sense of belonging. I remember an ex-boyfriend being horrified at my detachment to both possessions and homes. Even when I finally bought my own home, I never felt ‘at home’ and landed up selling it after 5 years. My life is littered with examples of temporary homes, short-lived relationships, itinerant jobs and not being able to create a lasting sense of belonging anywhere.

Back to the asthma! Now I’m no longer waking up in the middle of the night to take my pump. This is encouraging, enough to make me do some detective work. There were 2 places to look. One, as with everything, is what was happening at the time of my birth (just before and after included). The other is using our understanding of the body-mind connection to look for further clues as to the root cause of the dis-ease. My 2 favorite authors of this work are Louise L. Hay and Dr. Deb Shapiro

Fortunately for me, my mother is alive and was willing to share information about that time. Bless her for this! Well, clearly my arrival was not the best timing. Mom was breast-feeding when she fell pregnant with me, with my sister only 3 months old. Heck, who can blame her! Then she revealed that my father had asked her for a divorce while she was pregnant, but promised to marry her again – all to do with the way they were married by law, and protection for the family in case of business failure (he’d just started a business of his own). Well, she was pretty scared that he wouldn’t marry her again – and then what was she to do? In those days…well, I don’t want to give away my age! So there were all sorts of anxieties going on at the time. And in case you were wondering – yes, fetuses pick up everything in the womb. All those movements for conscious conception, birthing and parenting? I’m right behind them – I see it in my work all the time that we are cognizant beings from a few weeks in the womb.

But – there’s more! Not only was I the unwanted pup in the litter (2 older siblings already; bad timing for the family; uncertain times for my mother); but my father had beliefs around illness (which of course related back to HIS own traumas and wounding) that were pretty restrictive. Okay, more than that. We were basically not allowed to be sick. Illness was in the mind, and if you were a Haupt, you didn’t get sick. So when I started with asthma at 3 weeks old, my mother was not allowed to take me to hospital. Which means that when she finally got to take me, I was barely alive! Smothered pup, anyone…? And then, stuck in an oxygen tent for who-knows how long, alone, terrified and abandoned. Mom in hospital, away from her other 1-year old daughter. Who herself would maybe resent the intrusion into HER safe world (again, who can blame her) of the weakling sister who took her mom away? Maybe also explains my lifetime of trying to win my sister’s love and approval – to no avail? (And I have to laugh at life’s sense of humor – my sister’s 2 best friends have the same name as I do – one is Veronica, the other Veronique. Is that just coincidence?)

So here are my notes from the healing sessions I did on my own. From just one session, I was no longer waking at night, but was still using my pump 2-4 times a day, depending on the weather:

Session 1: Did a (healing) on when I got asthma at 3 weeks old. (Worked with father) – he would not let mom take me to the hospital. Came out that any imperfection in his children, he felt reflected on him. (Worked) on Jen (my sister): she wanted me dead, as I had taken my mom away from her). Recoded these memories: room filled with whole family, all jostling to see who could kiss me and hug me first. Love and connection.

Session 2: Another memory: asthma at age 14. I got a very bad attack which lasted some days – I could hardly move without wheezing. Was alone and isolated in my dark little bedroom at the end of the house. Did a recoding: big new bedroom, light, with couches. Everyone there: Mike reading a book on a couch, Dave and Rob doing homework on the floor by the coffee table, mom helping them. Dad walks in carrying a tray with mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows. I couldn’t see my sister Jennifer – then I found her, right on the bed with me!

Session 3: Asthma at birth: revisited this to do another recoding. (Worked) on myself at that age. I was afraid of dying! Recoded that I would ‘survive and thrive’. Recoded that the nurse came and said that I was amazingly healthy and content. She gave me to my mom and said, ‘You have a unique and special baby.’ Recoded that my mom was so grateful and in awe that I was better. She took me home, shared me with family – they were overwhelmed with gratitude that I was alive and healthy, awed, and showered me with love.

Session 4: Still getting asthma on my morning runs.
Memory of being at Veldschool, doing an obstacle course, had to carry a pill for asthma as there were no pumps. Was ashamed of this so hid the pill, but it got wet in my pocket as we had to go through mud. Did a recoding. Belief: there is no help from anyone.
Led to a memory: being chased while I was climbing a tree as a young girl. Climbed as high as I could to get away from a boy. Overwhelming fear. Did a recoding.
Led to a memory of an ex-boyfriend who once locked me in his house and beat me up. Did a recoding.
Led to a memory of a time with his parents where they insulted me in German. Did a recoding.
Led to a memory of him stalking me. Did a recoding.
Other beliefs identified: ‘People don’t help me, I am alone and have to be strong on my own’; ‘I’m not taken care of – I’m on my own’.

While the asthma was reducing in intensity and I was needing medication less and less every day, it was not completely gone. This is where I used the work of Louise Hay and Deb Shapiro to find the body-mind connection. (A SUD is a subjective unit of distress.)

Session 5: I thought I would work on that we were not allowed to cry, as one of the related pre-cursors for asthma symptoms in Louise Hay’s work is repressed crying. Started off at SUD level 4 in my throat and chest. As I tapped and the memories of the hidings surfaced 
(hidings were a regular occurrence in my childhood), the feeling dropped to my lower abdomen and pit of my stomach. SUD rose to 8. I continued to tap. Tried a recoding but it didn’t work well. SUD dropped to a 3 and it did feel distant.
Later: decided to try story-telling technique, with a title ‘My Childhood Hidings’. Started off at a SUD 6. As I tapped, my SUD shot up to maximum. I was filled with a sense of terror. Then a flood of emotions took over: pain, terror, fear, shame, dread, huge anger, helplessness. While tapping I disassociated. Felt very traumatized. My cat came to sit on my lap and I managed to calm down. Went to dance class but couldn’t – I disassociated again in the class and had to leave.

This was only fully resolved in my session with Lana the following day. She did a ‘campfire experience’ (Thank you, Brandon Bays!)  with me which was amazing. This completely cleared all anger and removed the terror from the situation. I was able to completely forgive my father and see him in a new light. This feeling has remained with me to this day. 
Asthma continues to be absent, except for halfway on a run. Even at lower, damper altitudes, I don’t get it!

Session 5: Asthma during run. Worked on ‘I always get asthma halfway through exercise’. No specific memory came up. Also sport and asthma, being lousy at sport.

Session 6: Weather was wet and cold and my chest was tight. I did a recoding of time as a baby, being close to my mother and being held all the time. The tightness in my chest lessened to the extent that I didn’t have to take my pump!

And that was it. A total of only 8 recoding sessions specifically on the asthma. I no longer suffered from asthma except during runs. I couldn’t think of why at the time, and no further memories came up for me to work on. The asthma continued to reduce intensity during runs, until the day came when I ran asthma-free. This was after around 3 months. The asthma was gone, and has never returned! From what I understand of cell growth, the old lung tissue just had to grow out and the new cells were replaced with cells with the new coding. And here I am – completely asthma-free to this day!