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Health and Dis-ease

We have an incredible, powerful self-healing system active in our bodies that can heal anything in our lives – and that is our immune system. Ultimately, all disease is cured by the immune system and NOT the medicine we take. The power of the medicine lies in supporting our immune system so it can do the work – whether directly, or indirectly by destroying pathogens.

Stress turns our immune system off – and that is why we get sick.

It is becoming common knowledge that stress causes disease. Cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton reckons that 95% of all disease and illness in the body is caused by stress.

Why is this?

Stress is the ‘Fight, Flight or Freeze’ (FFF) response the body has in reaction to real or perceived danger. When we are in FFF, blood and fluids are redirected to vital organs like the heart and lungs, and to the muscles, so we can ‘run away from the lion’. Our immune system literally shuts down, as all energy is needed for survival in that moment. In fact, our entire parasympathetic system turns off. Which means that no healing, growth or maintenance happens – so no digestion, elimination and absorption of nutrition and oxygen at a cellular level. No wonder we get sick if we’re in this state for prolonged periods! It even affects our ability to think clearly.

Biologists know that cells that are open and in growth mode are impervious to disease. And guess what – STRESS shuts our cells down in order to conserve energy. Oxygen and nutrients cannot get into the cell – so the mitochondria (power plants of the cells) are being starved. That’s why disease is sometimes referred to as an energy problem in the body. 

So can we just eliminate stress by changing jobs? Or take a break and have a holiday? While these strategies can relieve circumstantial stress, they don’t have the long-term, healing effect we hope for. That’s because the type of stress that is most responsible for disease is not circumstantial stress, but physiological (and mostly subconscious) stress. 

We have many wonderful authors that have written about the disease-emotion connection (Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life and Deb Shapiro Your Body Speaks Your Mind are my personal favorites). These books can help us find the root cause of the emotions and beliefs that are causing our illnesses and diseases.  Another clue is to identify what was happening in our lives at the time (or up to 2 years before) the illness presented. Often, we will see the connection to a stressful event and the start of our disease.

(You can read my personal story of how I healed my own lifelong asthma here)